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Electrics & Electronics

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Subject : Alternators / Three-Phase Generators in Vehicles

Code : EE104

Participants :

Vehicle Technicians, Students from Technical Schools & Collages

Contents :

· Magnetism

· Lorentz force

· Coil

· Electromagnetism

· Induction

· Design and operation of the single-phase generator

· Design and operation of the alternator

· Phase-shift

· Terminals, measuring points

· How a diode and zener diode operate

· Design and operation of a half-wave rectifier

· Design and operation of a bridge rectifier

· Function of a charge control lamp

· DC, AC and three-phase power

· Principle of voltage regulation

· How a transistor works

· Design and operation of an electromagnetic voltage regulator

· Design and operation of an electronic voltage regulator

· Threshold voltage, switching tolerance

· Fault diagnosis



4-5 Days

Requirements :

“Basics of Electrics” training course