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Subject : CAN-Bus

Code : EE107

Participants :

Vehicle Technicians, Students from Technical Schools & Collages

Contents :

· List of reasons for increasing use of bus systems in vehicles  

· Identifying various bus systems in vehicles 

· Introduction to the topology and components of a CAN bus in a vehicle 

· Introduction to the difference between low-speed and high-speed CAN buses 

· Experimental determination of electrical properties of a CAN bus 

· Experimental determination of (low-speed and high-speed CAN buses) 

· Introduction to the principles of addressing and arbitration on a CAN bus 

· Determining identifiers by measurement 

· Introduction to the structure of a message frame for a CAN message  

· Analysis of CAN packets using the CAN monitor and an oscilloscope 

· Interpretation of CAN packets using the CAN monitor and an oscilloscope  

· Editing and transmitting CAN message via PC 

· Investigating the effect of termination on a low-speed and high-speed CAN bus by measurement 




4-5 Days


Basics of electrics, and basics of electronics training courses