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Electrics & Electronics

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Subject : Basics of Vehicle Electrics

Code :  EE101

Participants :

Vehicle Technicians, Students from Technical Schools & Collages

Contents :

· Introduction to the terms, current, voltage and resistance 

· Investigation of a simple circuit with a lamp 

· Measurements using voltmeters and ammeters 

· Experimental derivation of Ohm's law 

· Experimental derivation of Kirchhoff's laws 

· Measuring series and parallel resistor circuits 

· Investigation of circuits with resistors an both series and parallel 

· Measuring voltage divider circuits with fixed/variable resistors 

· Measuring bridge circuits 

· Investigating the response of variable resistors (LDR, NTC, PTC, VDR)  

· Measurement and interpretation of characteristics for variable resistors (LDR, NTC, PTC, VDR) 

· Fault simulation (9 simulated faults activated by relay) 



3 Days.