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Subject : Hybrid Automotive Drive

Code : EE110

Participants :

Vehicle Technicians, Students from Technical Schools & Collages

Contents :

· List of rules for working safely with hybrid vehicles 

· Differences between differing drive configurations (series and parallel hybrid systems, dual-mode hybrids)  

· Different operating modes for hybrid vehicles 

· Design and function of electrical drives for hybrid vehicles 

· Control components for hybrid drives 

· Principle of carrier frequency control 

· The function of inverters and intermediate circuits 

· Design and function of alternators 

· Experimental investigation of operating response of alternators 

· Components of on-board networks for hybrid vehicles 

· Principle of energy recovery from braking 

· Measurement of recovered voltage in braking manoeuvres 

· Measurement of voltage ratios for frequency converters Investigating transmission of energy and force 



5-6 Days


Basics of Electrics, Basics of Electronics & Alternator / 3 Phase Generator