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Subject : Optical Data Buses

Code : EE108

Participants :

Vehicle Technicians, Students from Technical Schools & Collages

Contents :

· Data networks in motor vehicles  

· Reasons for increasing use of optical fibers in motor vehicles 

· Digital transmission of letters and characters 

· Fundamentals of a MOST bus 

· MOST protocol 

· MOST controllers 

· MOST ring 

· Diagnosing ring interruptions  

· Design of optical fiber systems in motor vehicles 

· Optical bus systems in motor vehicles 

· Optical characteristics of light 

· Basics of ray geometrics (refraction, reflection) 

· Experimental determination of properties (attenuation) of optical fibers 

· Investigation of optical fibers (electrical and optical) by measurement 


3-4 Days


Basic of electrics & Pulse width modulation training courses