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Electrics & Electronics

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Subject : Sensors in Motor-Vehicle

Code : EE109

Participants :

Vehicle Technicians, Students from Technical Schools & Collages

Contents :

· Instrumentation and process control technology 

· Physical variables to be measured 

· Induction 

· Hall effect 

· Piezo effect 

· Semiconductors 

· Absolute and relative pressure 

· Inductive rpm sensors 

· Hall-type speed sensors 

· Throttle-valve position measurement with throttle valve switch 

· Throttle-valve position measurement with throttle-valve potentiometer 

· Air-flow measurement with hot-wire and hot film sensors 

· Pressure measurement in the intake duct 

· Detecting ignition timing with knock sensor 

· Temperature measurement with NTC and PTC temperature sensor technology 


5 Days


“Basics of Electrics”, “Basics of Electronics” training courses