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Subject : Ignition in Gasoline Engines

Code : EE111

Participants :

Vehicle Technicians, Students from Technical Schools & Collages

Contents :

· Design and function of various ignition systems: 

· Contact controlled ignition system 

· Transistor controlled ignition system with induction sensor (TZ-I) 

· Transistor controlled ignition system with Hall sensor (TZ-H) 

· Semi- and fully electronic ignition systems (EZ/VZ) 

· Components of various ignition systems 

· Design and function of spark plugs 

· Effect of ignition firing angle on combustion 

· Setting ignition firing angle and dwell angle 

· Design and function of equipment to set angle by centrifugal force or vacuum 

· Generation and distribution of high voltage 

· Signal measurements over time from inductive and Hall sensors  

· Measurement of the speed signal from an inductive sensor 

· Measurements of ignition voltage signals over time 

· Ignition parameters 


4 Days


Basics of electrics training course